Growing up, I wanted to be a photographer. In my elementary school yearbook, you’ll find my pre-teen face detailing my future adult life as a photographer living in Australia and doing volunteer work in my free time.

Then I grew up, I studied photography and realized it wasn’t enough to make the world a better place. All my ideas on photo-journalism were based on making painful events beautiful and that didn’t resonate with me anymore. What I wanted was to make the solutions beautiful and appealing. A lot of the volunteer work I did in my early 20’s also helped shape my view on these solutions. Educating and informing people on issues that were dear to me was how I started out.

Now, an actual adult (OMG, really?!) I want to use my knowledge of design and photography to help make the world a better place. In my 5-year career, I’ve worked with non-profit and community-based organizations. Housing rights, women’s reproductive rights and land preservation organizations are my most recent clients. I want to continue on this path and use my power to make information accessible and easy to understand. Through visuals and content hierarchy, for example.

I’m deeply passionate about making the world a better place and strive for justice and equality for all. Vegan, intersectional feminist, environmentalist, activist... the list goes on.

My goal is to help encourage positive changes in my community and the world while doing what I love to do, organize and beautify information!

Javi, smiling woman

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