I am very focused on organization in everything I do. That is why my process has a very clear path.
The steps on this path are below. Not all of them apply to every project but this can give you an idea as to how I work.

Discovery call

Project Definition

I need to understand as much as possible about your project in order to communicate it appropriately in my designs. We will schedule a 30-minute video call so you can tell me all about it.

Proposal and contract

Project Scope

After our call, I will send you a proposal detailing the project as well as a contract. This is your chance to tell me if I misunderstood anything. Once you accept and sign the contract we’re ready to begin!

Establishing your position

Preparation & research

I’ll ask you to complete a little questionnaire and send me an inspiration board of images that have the general aesthetic path you want me to take. I will also be doing some research. I’ll learn about your field, what your competitors are doing, how to best communicate with your clients, etc.

Creativity at it's finest


This is where the magic happens! I’ll build a moodboard, choose possible color palettes and fonts, sketch out ideas, and prepare a presentation to show you my results.

Taking shape

First draft

At this point, I have shown you my ideas and you have given me your thoughts and preferences. I’ll go ahead and start working on our first draft with your content (if applicable), getting as close as possible to the final result.

Looking good!

Revision rounds

Let’s take time to do some tweaking on the design, make it absolutely perfect.

Your files


This is the most exciting part! The end result is here and I send you the documents and files we agreed on in the contract. You’re ready to show the world!

My personal and professional growth


How was working with me? I’d like to take every chance I can to better myself and I am grateful for any and all criticism you can provide at the end of our run together. If it was good, amazing! If you think I could do certain things better, please let me know.

Ready to start a project?

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